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"We Provide




  • Full Court Basketball & Badminton

  • Junior Olympic Salt Water Swimming Pool

  • State of the Art Fitness Center

  • Kids Club

  • Total Body Wellness Classes

  • Enrichment Programs For Kids


  • Personal Training

  • Princeton Royale Club

  • Training Studio

  • Spacious Lobby/Lounge Areas

  • Yoga and Dance Studios

  • Outdoor Activity Space​


The Windsor Athletic Club at the Princeton-Windsor Cultural Complex was established in 2014 as the premiere location for fitness, sports, education, culture and families in the Princeton, NJ area. With an 82,000 square foot indoor facility and an additional 50 acres utilized for outdoor sports and recreation, the Windsor Athletic Club has now become the ultimate cultural, educational, arts and sports destination in this area. 


We are dedicated to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for everyone in our community by supporting and encouraging families to get fit, play, laugh together and socialize at our cultural and recreation complex. 


We celebrate the individual, the family and the community by establishing World Class amenities, offerings and programs that clearly affirm the diversity of the community in its many forms by embracing a broad definition of culture. In addition, we provide the finest destination for our members to exercise, participate in sports and engage in education, culture, artistic expression and entertainment. 


We are determined to remain the leader in our field by living up to our company’s rooted mission and values.  

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