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The last several years, we have dedicated ourselves to finding the very best Swim Coaches/Instructors and teams in the Mercer County Area. 


With that said, we are honored that the Windsor Athletic Club is the EPICENTER OF AQUATICS PROGRAMMING, offering the very best coaches/instructors for private lessons.    


Windsor Athletic Club Aquatics, features professional and safe instructional 1 on 1 swim lessons for kids and adults. We provide diverse programs with customized times/schedules, accommodating all ages and skill levels.


Our exclusive swim coaches are ASCA/USA Swimming registered coaches and we provide lessons/training for first-time swimmers, all the way to elite athletes training for competitions.


When it comes to combining relaxation, wellness and fun, our all season, six-lane heated salt water pool is just the place to be. This salt water pool is state of the art, with no irritating chlorine and no wake design, which is perfect for teaching in quiet, relaxing and refreshing water. 

Stay tuned for more incredible, detailed and pertinent information.

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