Marco Polo Play Rules (Age 5-10)

  1. Choose one person to be “Marco” and others to be “polo”

  2. Let Marco count 10 with eyes closed before searching for anybody

  3. Have Marco shout “Marco” while everyone else shout out “polo”

  4. Marco should follow the sounds of other people and tried to tag them

  5. The polos should move away from Marco to avoid being caught

  6. When Marco tags somebody, she or he will become the new Marco and the game start over again

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Shark in the pool (Age 5-12)

  1. Pick up a “shark” and other players are the fish. Shark needs to catch a fish in order to let the finish becomes the shark.

  2. When it is a small party, there will be only one shark, when it is a big party, there will be 2, or 3 sharks. The fish will be allowed to hop in and out the water, each out time will be less than 5 seconds. Once caught, the finish will sit on the side of pool.

  3. Sample Video:

Invisible Bottle Finding (Age 4-10, different water depth)

  1. Fill an empty, clear plastic bottle with pool water.

  2. Line up the players on the pool deck with their back to the water.

  3. Throw the bottle into water.

  4. When the players heard the slash, they jump into water try to find it.

  5. Sample video:

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Simon Says (Age 4-7)

  1. Pick one player plays Simon and give directions for other players to follow, such as:

“Simon says jump”

“Simon says leap into the water”

“Simon says swim in front crawl”

“Simon says get an inflatable and swim around a minute”

  1. If a direction is given without “Simon Says.” and the player follows this direction, the player doing so is out. If someone does not obey a Simon Says Direction, they are also out.

  2. The player that remains the longest becomes the next one to be Simon.

  3. Sample Video:

Water Polo (age 7-15)

  1. Nets will be set at the edge of the pool. (If the swimmer is young, 2 players will be picked as goals who hold boards)

  2. Players are divided into 2 teams.

  3. When a player hold a ball, he cannot move. He can either throw into the net (or throw to the counter team’s goal) or pass to team player

  4. All players must remain in the water

  5. When the ball is threw into the net, or out of water, the coach will throw the ball into the middle as a toss –up between teams.

Push the Jug (age 6-15, different depth and length)

  1. Fill a jug of water, which will allow the jug flow on the water.

  2. Players are divided into 2 groups

  3. Players swim and push the jug with their head from one end to another, who gets to the end earlier wins the game

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Water Slides (age 3-10)

 It is an inflatable water side we place in the pool for young kids and pre-teens. It’s safe enough and full of fun for kids to slide belly front, back front or upside down.

* There will be a set up charge $50/party

Sample Video:

Treasure hunt (Age 4-12, different depth and length)

  1. The coach will place some rings, sticks or even little toy figures in the water.

  2. Players will be divided into 2 groups

  3. The groups with more treasure win the game.

Kayak Fishing (age 7-15

  1. Depends on the party size, either one Fisher (the player on the Kayak) or Two, having hula-hoop with them

  2. In designed water area, Fishes swimming away from Fisher

  3. Fisher throw hula-hoop to the fish. Once the fish is caught, the fish out of water.

  4. If the fisher is an advanced swimmer, Fishes are allowed to flip over the Kayak.

* There will be a set up charge $50/party

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