Gym Party

For the Fun Games & Sports Enthusiast, customize your WAC Gym Party by selecting two amazing activities of your choice. You can choose from inflatable bouncing house,  basketball, indoor soccer, dodge ball, capture the flag, flag football, floor hockey and kickball. 


Dance Party


For the dance lovers, our instruction coach will collaborate the rhyme, beet and step in a fun and energy consuming way. Both good for young and big kids.


Pool Party

For the water lovers, our top quality pool and lifeguards/coaches will provide  fun and safe activities, such as Marco Polo, Water polo, Water Slides, Shark in the pool, Simon says, Kayak fishing and so on. Choose 2 based on swimmers skill level and preference.


Direct-Line: 609-356-5400


By signing the WAC Birthday Party Contract, the Client (Individual or Organization) shall indemnify and hold harmless the Windsor Athletic Club, LLC and Sino-US Science Culture and Sports, LLC, their owners, partner’s agents and employees, against any and all damages, injury, compensation, expenses including attorneys’ fees, claims, or other liability due to personal injury or death or damages to the property of others, arising out of its use to the contracted space by the Client, its members, guests or invitees results in injury or property damage.



• WAC Birthday Party is 2 hours per contract. A fee of $189 will be added for any additional time. 
• WAC Birthday Party guests must remain in designated party areas per contract at all times.  

• WAC allows clients to bring outside food in the Party Room. However, WAC is not responsible for any personal injury, sickness and allergy due to outside food."

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