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Meet the Presenter, Mr. Anthony Weinkopff


Mr. Anthony Weinkopff is a Former Faculty Liaison at Stanford University for High School Auxiliary Programs, Educator, and Co Founder of Embrace Tutoring and Educational Services. As an educational consultant who has prepared hundreds of academic plans, Anthony has valuable knowledge and insight into the highly-selective college application process.


What To Expect 

Embrace Tutoring and Educational Services will offer a fully proctored SAT practice test to members of the local community + a one-of-a-kind Parent Informational Seminar. 


SAT Practice Test (Jan. 18th)

The SAT Practice Test is terrific for those students beginning their journey and looking for a complete analysis of their strengths and weaknesses. Results will be calculated using a one-of-a-kind Embrace Analyzer. Refreshments and diagnostics will be provided to the students.


Parent Seminar - What Matters to Colleges (Jan. 23rd)

Have questions regarding the college admission process? ACT vs. the SAT? Embrace Tutoring will be hosting an informational event where parents and students are welcome to come and speak to Mr. Anthony Weinkopff. Results of the January 18th Diagnostic will be provided back to the students during the seminar.