Start Booking

1. Have a clear purpose of the event with one designated Point Person. 

2. List all pertinent persons involved in the event: Caterers, Venue Manager, Entertainment, Photographers, Speakers, Equipment Rental Company, Professional Decorators, Event Marketing Staff...

3. Calculate the budge. Different events produce and yield different budgets. For example: The Venue generally will be 35% or more of the entire budge, the amenities like Audio, Light, Dancing Floor will add another 15% - 20%.

4. Determine Space & Location need dependent on your specific event, budge and guests: Venue Hall, Dressing Rooms, Parking Availability, Access to Highways, Service/Staff & Overall Price. 

5. Book the venue and provide the layout diagram for the event. 

6. Purchase event insurance (Highly Recommended).

7. Create check list and follow up with different vendors. 

8. Enjoy Your Special Party!